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1. The Commune of Beaufort in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg organises its second international sculpture symposium from July 15th to 24th, 2002. This year's symposium is the second one of a biennial that is programmed until 2010. A different material is chosen by the organisers for each edition.

2. Registration is free. Eight (8) projects will be selected.

3. Only professional sculptors/sculptresses can participate. They have to have at least participated to one symposium before this one or realised one monumental sculpture in metal. It is asked to produce proof of this.

4. The following subject il compulsory and must be dealt with by all candidates : " The 21st century, at full speed ". Reflections on the rush, the haste that characterise today's society and all the consequences (positive or negative) : eveything moves/goes faster and faster - journeys, communication, consumer society, the development of science, our way of life… to give but a few examples. Any other ideas on the subject are welcome.

5. An international jury composed of art directors, art critics, sculptors and officials will judge the projects, the explanations, comments or descriptions in French or in English to be sent in with the registration form. Eight (8) candidates will be selected and the jury's judgment will be final.

6. The material chosen for this year's edition is steel. Three steel sheets that are oxydable and not treated with any substance will be at the participant's disposal. Dimensions: 3,00m x 1,50m; thickness: 2mm; 5mm-thick sheets of steel will have to be shared for the bases. Tubular shaped pieces to enforce the sculpture as well as the basic hardware will be handed out.

7. It is possible to include another material in your sculpture but it must not " overrun " the metal in a proportion superior to 10%. The work of art can be painted (mono- or polychromie) or they can be left in their original state.

8. Lodging and meals are free from July 14th to 24th, 2002 included. Personal expenses such as telephone, beverages or private trips are at the participant's charge.

9. Each selected artist will get an allowance of 2.500 Euros (a little bit less that 2.500 $ US), travel expenses are at the charge of the artist.

10. The symposium starts on July 15th in the morning and finishes on July 24th in the afternoon.

11. All sculptors/sculptresses that are in the official selection must attend the opening and closing ceremonies of the symposium and stay in Beaufort for the whole period of the symposium.

12. The Organisation Committee will provide :
· 1 electric plug 220 Volts per sculptor
· 1 electric extension per sculptor
· 1 table/rest and stand per sculptor
· 1 coarse canvas for protection per sculptor
· 8 wielding machines + helmets
· 1 machine for oxygen cutting to be used collectively
· a technical team for maintenance work.

13. The sculptors must bring their own tools (grinders, hammers, metal bursts, clamps, tongs a.s.o.) Electrodes and abrasive disks will be handed out. The artists should have their own safety garments and they bring along their own wilding machine (invertor) if they wish. Voltage and electricity capacities: 220 or 380 Volts, 50 Hz.

14. Bad weather conditions will not postpone the symposium.

15. The Commune of Beaufort will become the sole owner of the sculptures and all the pictures representing them which can be used for information, publicity or printing matters.

16. The Organisation Committe will guarantee the follow-up of the works of art.

17. The registration deadline is March 29th, 2002, postal seal being given credit. Fax and e-mail registration is not permitted. Projects sent after the deadline will not be accepted. The registration form for the 2002 symposium must be returned to:

Mme Florence HOFFMANN and/or M. Georges RISCHETTE
Comité Organisateur
Symposium International de Sculptures 2002
Administration Communale
9, rue de l'Eglise

tel: (international) + 352/ 83.60.47
fax:(international) +352/ 86.93.88

18. The registration form must be completed by :
· sketches and/or pictures of 2 different angles and/or model 1/20
· title and description of project (in French or Enlgish)
· curriculum vitae
· press releases concerning the artistic career of sculptor/sculptress
· any other information that might be interesting and connected to the symposium
Any incomplete files will be eliminated at preselection.

19. The jury sessions will take place by mid-April 2002.

20. All sent models will be exhibited during the symposium.

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